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Positive thoughts while walking on the earth.

Walking mediation in ancient art Lord Buddha practiced it. I am deeply inspired by his teachings. Walking on the earth, generating positive thoughts is my goal. Each time I touch the earth I feel I am full with love. I express my love to the grass, to the stones, to the blue sky. Earth is divine for me. Grass is divine for me. Water is divine for me. I learnt from my spiritual teacher to see God in open eyes. For me, I am always playing with God on this very earth. This very earth is heaven for me. God has given me so much. I have fresh air to breath.

Today I was walking on the side of a road, I saw seven trees. I don’t know the name of those trees. it was evening, I can’t see the tree completely. I have a torch on my hand. I don’t want to disturb the trees. Suddenly, while walking a nice smell was flowing in the air. I was refreshed. I was curious to know the tree. I switch on the torch and look for the tree, from where the fragrance was coming. I don’t know the name of the tree. It was a tall tree full with red colour unknown little flowers.

How nice it was to see that the tree is spreading positive fragrance slowly and silently. It is beautifying the world. Hardly, any one knows its presence. Like the tree I also like to spread positive fragrance throughout the world.

Tree with flower and positive energy

Tree with flower and positive energy


Beyond Visualization

Mental imagination is a amazingly powerful technique well known to top performing sports persons. It is an ancient art of meditation.  However, there are some problems in visualization.  Many scientific studies have shown both positive as well as negative aspects of imagination.

Many people tried to apply visualization as a meditation technique for higher satisfaction as well as a method to solve problems.  It improves the daily performance in sports, memory power and self-healing.  You need to know the exact art, otherwise it may work in opposite direction.

I remember, my teacher use to say don’t waste time on day dreaming. Visualization and day dreaming are not the same thing. If you want the benefits of visualization it should be full with positive thoughts, love and prayer. Happy imagination are also vital for visualization.

I feel visualization and radiation of positive vibration should be done together. Beyond Visualization means beyond imagination, it should be full with love. Visualization without heart is useless. I learnt the art of graceful visualization with love from my spiritual master Sri Amit Ray. His teachings helped me a lot.

Prayer and visualization must go together. Prayer will help you to reach the deeper layers of your being and the visualization establishes your destinations and values in deeper levels.

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