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Science and Secrets of Happiness

I want to be happy and I know everyone wants to be happy. To be a happy person, you don’t need to be a spiritual man. When I write something nice for my blog I am happy. When someone praises me or my writings I am happy. When I see number hits are more in my websites, I am happy. When I see lot of smiles around me, I am happy.

Secrets of Happiness


Lord Buddha spent his life to search the ways and means to be happy. I am not sure about his way. But his ways looks to me, too difficult. I am happy when I am with my kids. I love them. In office I am happy with my friends.
I have small rose plants. When I spray some water on them, I am happy. I love myself and my family. I love my family members. I love my neighbors. I love the people who work with me.  I love to take more responsibility. I love to see every one happy.  I love to see you to be happy.

Thanks to my spiritual teacher who taught me how to keep trust on Om, the Universal love energy.

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