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10 Secrets to Happiness That I learnt

“positive attitude“, “being happy“, “success” and “prosperity”  are the corner stone of happiness. Here are the list, which I think brings happiness.

Enjoy the present moment:

Be thankful for what you have, instead of moaning about what you lack.

Caring and Sharing:

Helping someone by heart gets true joy, and that person will never forget you, and will always be there when the time comes that you’re the one who needs help. Being there when someone needs you gets joy to your heart. Though you can’t essentially help that person directly, the essence that you’re there willing to listen and comfort him/her is really a big help to them.

Body as the temple:
Learn to understand your body. Do yoga daily exercises.  Learn new things ever day.
Connect with people:

Get connection with people through blog, twitter and facebook.
Have definite goals in life:
Have clear cut goal. Minimize wastage of your thinking energy.
Appreciate the beauty of Nature:

Spend some times in garden or in nature.

Put more smile on face:

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