How to Overcome Stress and Anxiety?

Earlier I have discussed the secrets of happiness today I want to discuss the points which are very useful to reduce daily stress strain and anxiety. You may also see the ten secrets of happiness from my personal life. If you follow these points your life will be full of happiness and joy.
1. Laugh. It’s one of the healthiest antidotes to stress. When we laugh, even smile,
blood flow to the brain is increased, endorphins (painkilling hormones that give us a
sense of well being) are released, and levels of stress hormones drop.
2. Get Rid of Anger. It is the single most damaging stress-related personality trait that
precedes a heart attack.
3. Be Decisive. Indecision prevents you from taking action, causing a loss of a sense of
control and thus intensifying stress.
4. Be Assertive. Stand up for your decisions, express your feelings, and disagree with
others when you feel differently, give, as well as accept, compliments.
5. Get Some Sleep. Lack of adequate sleep can make you moody, angry and more
vulnerable to illness and the daily stresses that stalk you.
6. Adapt Your Environment. Color, lighting and noise are all elements that engage and
influence our senses.
7. Encourage Yourself. Negative self-talk is a major stress maker. Those who accept
mishaps as largely routine and normal occurrences in life and who talk to themselves in
positive terms about these events have higher self-esteem and much lower stress
8. Choose Winners. Seek the company of those who are optimistic and have high selfesteem. They tend to have low stress levels and contribute to lower stress levels to
those around them.
9. Reward Yourself. Those who reward themselves by engaging in something
pleasurable realize a boost in the disease-fighting quality of their immune systems for several days. Always do positive thinking.
10. Delegate. Those who don’t learn to delegate become overloaded with unfinished tasks – making them stressed, less productive and isolated by their excessive
11. Don’t Procrastinate . It lessens productivity, not only compounding stress but also
causing the stressful by-products of guilt, anger and low self-esteem.
12. Live by Lists. Having a daily written list of what you expect to do will help you
become more realistic about your schedule and remind you of tasks you do not want to
forget. By listing a task, you also relieve stress by removing the thought from your mind,
which helps to lessen mental overload, a common occurrence in stressed people.
13. Relax. Breathe deeply. Visualize something pleasurable. Meditate. Concentrate on present, tangible situations. Inhale aromatic oils. Listen to soothing music. Om chanting and meditation is a very efficient and easy way to reduce stress.


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