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Happiness in office – Five Secrets

In the office, luckily I worked with a person who is happy with me. I am also happy with the clients for which I am working. But, still I feel there is some worry in my mind about my office work. Few days back I tried my best to discover the reasons for my worry. My findings are as follows:

1. Worrying is my habit. Mind always look something to feel important. I feel if I am not worry about my job, others may think, I am not contributing.

2. I take too less carbohydrates.

Carbohydrates have a tranquilizing effect on the body by stimulating the brain’s production of serotonin. I take too much sugars (candy and other sweets). It get a brief boost in serotonin. But my mood crashes and my craving for sugar become even stronger.

3. I am not exposed to sunlight
Each day I am exposed to artificial light in the office. Serotonin levels are affected by sunlight. During winters I am exposed to less light.

4. My protein intake is high

I also observe that maximum satisfaction comes when I am absorb in my office activities, when I forget myself and lose track of time and stop worrying.

So finally my conclusion for happiness in office are:

1. Take enough carbohydrates.
2. Love your job and try to absorb in it.
3. Take 40gm protein per day.
4. Get exposure to Sunlight
5. Change your habit patterns by meditation.

It worked fantastic for me.

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