Compassion, Buddha, Love Energy and Happiness

Flowers are the best expression of Love energy.  As per the recent neurobiological studies love energy and happiness are linked together. The most important thing in life is generating the love energy and utilizing them in a proper and perfect channels. Oxytocin is the key hormone for love energy. Love helps people to stay together. Even the great people like Buddha use to attract people just by the help of love. He use to radiate love, compassion and purity. In both cases oxytocin plays the same important role. Oxytocin and vasopressin seemed to be more closely linked to long term bonding. However, it is the nature of the mind that is different from the Buddha’s love compared to the common people’s Love. Guilty sense is the biggest enemy of spiritual life. Buddhas mind is always full of love, compassion and purity. Impurity lies in the mind. There is nothing wrong in this beautiful planet, if you have love in the heart and if you are not in the competition.

Flower of Love

Flower of Love

In a scientific study on the Dharamsala Monks of the Dalai Lama it is observed that they can raise their body temperature by 15 degrees. They practice compassion to activate the main glands to control the body energy.

Love of Buddha

Love of Buddha

You can pick a target of your love and intensify your emotions. As you increase the intensity of your love, the gamma waves in the brain also increases. As the gamma waves increases you have the higher capacity to heal others.

Gamma waves can be increased in many ways. In the book Om Chanting and Meditation, Sri Amit Ray discussed Humming type of Om chanting for Gamma wave generation. Bharamori Om chanting is also easy way to generate gamma waves.

Love of Gamma Waves

Love of Gamma Waves

Your target of love can be anything. The point is that, let your entire being be full with Love. That was also the objectives of the Love to God. Love without any purpose is the key. Love and Compassion are key to happiness. The more you can expand the circle of your love the more you can be happy.


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  1. Your words cut right through to the heart of the matter; that is, the matter of my heart, and the love I feel each time I surrender to the pure child-like enchantment of the Divine Love resting inside of me.

    Boy, loving for no other reason but to love sure is great.

    It’s fun, too!

    michael j contos,
    aka Contoveros

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