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Happiness in Married Life : Romance and Beyond

I am going to tell the secrets of happiness that works for me. Now I understand that happiness in married life is a choice. I would like to share it the way it works for me. For me honeymoon started five years after our marriage. Initially, I had problems with my mother-in-law. Her interference often causes problems for me. My wife is affectionate to me. But it took long time for me to understand her. Our true relationships started, when I was away from her for about six months, to do my office jobs in abroad. Then I started direct communication with her over phone. Daily, all most one hour i used to talk to her.

I started sharing with her the joys hopes and dreams. Gradually I know her attitude and values. I do daily exercises with her unknowingly, that helps me deeper understanding and love.

In summary, I can conclude that happiness in married life depends on three important factors. First, the trust on your partner. From beginning you need to keep your trust, if you can’t keep your trust don’t marry. Second, most important thing is keeping the communication line on. Third is understanding the values and the attitudes.

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